My HTML template is rejected please visit my template and check

My HTML template is rejected but I don’t know the reason why.
Here is the link Template Link .
Al I get is Email with this message > It isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward

I can only see it on a phone for now but there are numerous issues even there:

  • it’s not responsive

  • typography looks like it needs a lot of work esp the style and hierarchy

  • place holder text instead of logos looks lazy and unfinished

  • nav does nothing on mobile

With all due respect It seems like there would be quite a bit more viewed on desktop but can’t see that yet

Having seen it on a laptop also:

  • validation issues in the code

  • nav doesn’t work?

  • fundamentals with spacing and esp. typography all need work e.g. multiple font choices, lack of heierachy,

  • text on hero image seems misplaced, shadows don;t work and needs a lot of improvement

  • the icons feels completely wrong in a photo template and don’t work on mobile

  • portfolio image captioning needs work and should either link to item details or light box at least

  • testimonial text seems v plain and breaks on mobile

  • footer form padding needs attention

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