Why html template rejected?

Hi Fellows,

I just uploaded my first item on themeforest and its rejected and asking that its not meet quality standard, can anyone say why this happen as I’ve seen so many template even with bad coding almost junk code but those are approve and people are buying it.

here is rejected item: https://www.novatechsolution.com/themes/EPIC/

please advice me.


With respect you are way off the standard.

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First I would like to thanks for your time, I understand the one page concept has gone, but it was just initial upload I’ve plan to expand 30+ demos and for you point on originality yup I’ve use the UI Kit from Creative Tim which is under MIT and free to use for commercial and the demo I’ve submitted is only 2 those are the different from the original UI Kit, i suppose :slight_smile:

anyway thanks bro

I get it’s MIT licensed but having mirror content or assets without modification or styling is an example of the type of thing you need to addres to make it premium.

Otherwise, as it is, why would I pay for your version when I can get the whole kit for free?

Likewise if you plan to have many demos then it’s best to construct these before submitting to give yourself a better chance.

It’s just our opinion but the design generally feels a bit out dated (again more and better styling would help no end).

Having been hard rejected you know won’t be able to resubmit without significant updates, which might be a good opportunity

I advise you not to use logos of famous brands, use Envato logos better, I wish you good luck in the future!