Template rejected. Please help!


Could you please help why this wedding card template was rejected?
Your views would greatly help in correcting the design.
Thanks in advance.



hi , i personally that your item is sweet and original, however i think that the issue is typo and typo associations indeed. U need to make sure that texts are popping a bit more and that u do not have vsuch a discrepancy between sone very written / curved fonts and some very straight ones on the other hand , the combination is not working well in my view … i guess that with a bit rework as far as the typo goes u should be able to make it indeed :slight_smile:

Hey n2n44 thanks for your feedback!!
I will adjust the typos with more balanced fonts and try it our again.

Got these rejected too!!
Any idea why mate? :frowning:





Agree with n2n44 on the typo, in specific font combination and readability. I also think the overall composition is lacking a good focal point. Almost every element demands attention wooden background, ribbon, that white thing (don’t know how it’s called) and text.

For the latest one, again the typo. I think the flat elements and textured background needs more blending. And the names on the pink heart is to me hardly readable.

I am also getting married in September, currently working on my own invitation. But have to say, this is a good start only needs more refinement.

Hope this helps.

Hi _eightmad,

Firstly congratulations on your marriage in advance!
Thanks for your feedback. I will make the adjustments and give it another shot.

hi indeed that u have two different issues in this case … the same problem when it comes to font combination and also managing to make texts pop out enough in on side and , on the other side , a problem of balance and placement of the names. They may also look for something that a bit more of an originality also at this stage this is slightly lacking if u ask me

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your need better fonts and also problem colors backgrounds I think.

Thanks JeriThemes and n2n44 again!
I will keep your suggestions in mind. Lets see how it turns up with the next revision.

hi buddy , i suggest that u put light effects everywhere and use text styles, they are normally happy with all this … even if the rest is full of emptiness , all is flat or poor , it doesn’t matter as long as u have this u can get through, this is how u end up with a handful of guys who have a portfolio made of things that should have been rejected …

focuses here are the ones that i mentioned above and typo / typo associations … nothing else , this is like for flyers, composition, originality and so on that is not a big deal , ket’s face it we a few guys posting the same thing over and over again and getting approved for all, so i guess if u want to be rejection-free should do the same … (sadly)

yup mate…i agree…
and i dont disrespect anyone’s artwork, but still here are many too flat (just almost white on black…no effects) entries (even similar multiple entries from the same user) get approved… it feels really bad to see… even at least a one liner about the rejection would be of great help…

now got this rejected…have no idea why… :pensive:

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do u know what is the problem ? inconsistencies !!! they are numerous (and still growing and still more frustrating as they are more and more difficult to understand and take place in a context where people can get to compare their works with very flat or poor approved items … ), even if people here are very satisfied with all the things that they do , and in particular as regard to reviewing, the fact of the matter is that u can see crazy things going on here …

i have personally experienced a hard rejection about one week ago, without i personally , nor any of my friends / fellow authors to whom i showed my work, failed to realize how my item could be rejected. They said they cannot get it , especially as regard to what they accept sometimes as of late. The funniest part is that when i submit to dribbble i have had 17 likes from design professionals there with this very same / unchanged item. The conclusion? what a certain number of people from the design industry consider as a good work, is not here … and is not worth being on sale here … .

Paradoxically, at the same time , they accept really flat and poor things sometimes and the discrepancy in the flyer category is being widening because of the items that they legitimately approve because they are huge (and from huge authors) and the ones (rather numerous) that they approve and that should have never made it here, which are probably worst and worst and more numerous daily …

however , if u ask me, this is not a way to do, mate. Indeed , showing someone’s work in particular is not a way to do. We all do our best with different experience, innate skills, styles and many other things … and we all work hard with what we have … (and we are not equal, unfortunately). Actually, the battle is meant to get rid of inconsistencies , not to drag anyone in the mud. In addition this is necessary to show any item in particular, we all have eyes and all have an eye for design , not to mention that sone of us are in the business for quite a long time (13 years for me for instance) and i guess that enables us to say what is good and what is not. The most important thing is that we know why, too …

the crazy thing is that i have noticed that there are more and more items with poor typo being accepted (beforehand they are a really limited number, it was almost never being happening indeed) when this is the n1 reason for people to get rejections here. It makes no sense at all and contributes to weaken the quality of items on sale in the marketplace and contributes to saturate the marketplace as well. Nowadays u can see some flyers with hardly visible texts being accepted, for instance , which is completely the opposit other way around of what their usual policy is preaching

finally the last problem is that accepted things get more and more stereotyped indeed … it looks like u need to have a list of ingredients (necessary light effects, certain typos and so on) here so that u can get through no matter what the result looks like. In fact, it should the other way around. All that should really matter is the quality of the final item which should be appealing, original and efficient if no one is “blowing a trumpet” and has a real guideline.

i will also further comment something that u said about effect sand let me tell you that i do not necessarily agree … at this time, u see a good deal of items lights randomly put and brush going in all direction making no harmony at all but they seem to be happy that have this “inconsistent buttering”, i think that people should keep in mind that composition are part of the deal , not an option , but a huge element !

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Hmm…Well I agree with you mate…
Still we give our hard work and spent hours producing something keeping in mind all the points which might make our creations relevant to the guidelines…
Yet now the trend have been for few to focus not on quality but quantity…
And it really saddens…and as the marketplace becomes saturated it will only lose the ground for all those awesome articles which are yet to make its ground here…
Still lets keep up the good work and see how it turns out…

BTW…one good thing is that they accepted the wedding card after I made the typo change and minor other changes…
Thanks for the suggestions buddy…and thanks to all of you who helped me with your valuable suggestions…


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Now yes your better flyer I hope you accepted your sell graphicriver :slight_smile:

Regards and luck.-

Hi BluWorks, personally I prefer your previous design than the last one, especially for the ‘The Park Resort’ text, the previous one is better, but for the 'cordially invite … ’ text, the last one is better and maybe you may want to drag it down a lil bit to make it perfect. Good luck

lol i would personally recommend that he doesn’t change anything as, if he does, he will have to go through reviewing again, and u ca never know what can happen when he does …

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i think that there is not much of a big difference and that this is a close version from the rejected version so that we can wander if that was worth the drive rejecting in the first place …

hi buddy, as u mentioned , this is minor changes and i am happy that u could get through , now, as there was no revolution in your item before it was accepted , was it worth rejecting in the fist place ? i guess that all of us will have their personal opinion but , in my case, i think this was not really …

Thanks GridRide for your opinion! However the later version has already been accepted. I would definitely keep your suggestions in mind when I make something next time.

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I know mate. To me these are just minor changes worth noticing and I was also surprised on the approval. However I guess it varied from different reviewer to reviewer. Guess we have to try out our luck here too :stuck_out_tongue:

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