Looking for feedback on rejected wedding print template

Hi all!

I’d really appreciate some feedback on my wedding suite photoshop template. I have attached the preview images along with the thumbnail, below.

This is the 2nd item that has been rejected recently. I followed the steps in regards to file preparation and uploading, I created a fairly in-depth help file and all artwork was correctly prepared with guidelines, bleed, etc. I also included a folder with the linked illustrations.

Do you see any design issues?

Any feedback would be helpful. Thank you!


really?! this one has been hard rejected? i love it … i mean there is slightly a retro style in this part and maybe this is not addressing absolutely everyone though this is harmonious , tastily executed in in my view. In my case, i would just smoothen the illustrative parts by putting a smooth shadow under the whole composition , otherwise , apart from this , i guess that the only thing that u can do is add some variations , mainly , and potentially some font combinations so that u have a more punchy hierarchy and that elements like the date can pop out more …

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Thanks for this! I have had all subsequent submissions accepted, so I think it may have been something to do the preview image size or some other technical issue - Im not sure!

i have never seen technical results - i mena the way to prepare files or whatever - resulting in a hard rejections … if something is missing or not done properly they will let u know after soft rejecting and will give u an opportunity to fix things up and resubmit …

yes you’re right… i dont know what the problem was with this one!

This set looks good to me, so can’t see any reason for rejection…
It appears to me that for much of the work submitted and then rejected, the decision to reject is often very subjective and inconsistent. I have had much of my submissions accepted, then suddenly I will have a rejection and as there is usually little or no detailed reason(s) given as to why, one can be left annoyed - especially when one sees other accepted work of a ‘lower standard’.

Obviously there are some submissions that are clearly ‘not up to standard’, but in my opinion (and 40 years in the business), I can’t see why this was rejected - so I guess one just has to press on…

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this part of the policy here not to provide people with a feedback as they are considering - legitimately in a way - that it would imply that reviewers have a lot of time to spend to take care of this … and that “they are not a design school” … now i can identify what u are saying … this is difficult when u have spent some time, made some efforts to have the thing rejected and not to necessarily manage to figure out why …

Hmm, I don’t know why it was rejected, it looks cool.
Maybe the problem is in the description or resources that you used (I mean the license to use)

Maybe you can find useful information for yourself here

Thank you and have a nice day!

The above replies are right - it is a nice design but it will never be approved when you are an exclusive author and it is for sale elsewhere.

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But it isnt for sale elsewhere! It had been before I started selling on Envato. When my items get approved on here, I remove them from other sites whilst Im still under the Envato exclusivity. I guess I need to remove from other marketplaces before I submit for review?!


It’s a pretty good design and if a reviewer was to even Google it then it shows up elsewhere.

  1. they don’t know you plan to remove it once approved

  2. lots of people follow that direction and then “don’t get round to actually doing it!”

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I guess it can be tempting to keep them elsewhere but I wouldnt do that! I do remove mine straight away.

Thanks for your comment and help!