Template got hard rejected

After taking 22days of review time my App Landing Page got hard rejected. Not even soft-reject.

Here is the link, please let me know your reviews about my Template.

Hi there:

I think that your template is hard rejected because bad colors, typography not good, video error. Please fix your template maybe approved, regards.

For these reasons, it should be soft rejected. :frowning:

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Need you can create new template html before for submit themeforest please show you template here forum for help you fix better final approved good luck.

  • design feels quite outdated compared to others in this category

  • with respect it does not feel very premium in terms of design or features which can be found in many other items already

  • not sure about the styling esp. gradient colours or font choices

  • inconsistencies in spacing and padding

  • having links in navigations in the footer that don’t go anywhere feels unfinished

  • mobile performance issues in palces and some CSS

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@ITMultiplexer please you case to @charlie4282 because he is good advices :slight_smile: good luck :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Here is a short list;