Why My HTML Template Hard Rejected

I am new and trying to a Themeforest Author.
I designed this https://spinetheme.com/creata/
Creative OnePage HTML Template.
After 3 days the themeforest reviwer rejected this item without said what is my wrong on template.

I did very hard work for this 8-10 days for this item but i got reject.
I am really disappointed after got hard reject this item.

Please, Someone tell me what is my wrong and what need to improve in next items.
I hope some feedback i will get.


You should change color with modern color, check last template in your template category. Also color is not able in 2019 style agency website.
An other problem is font and pricing check icon.

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Thank you so much

You need to polish it more.

Check nav item hover color. Over all color is not good. Team section is not looks good. Pricing and blog section is looks bland.

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I have see your item this one is looking good need some improvement on your item.


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thank you so much for your great feedback.

Thank you so much Dear.
I will follow your tips .

Thanks a lot