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Hello Dear ThemeForest Author,
I have submitted a new item and is rejected, I am really hopeless about it, I am not new, I have already 2 HTML item in ThemeForest with good sell, I know about the quality and so that I have passed 6 months to this template, I have made it slowly. If it hard rejected then I have to know the reason if template content not ok, or color not ok, or image not ok or alignment not ok or padding-margin not ok I have to know this.

Again I know about ThemeForest quality because I am not new.

I always try to do something unique. My last template is beekeeping and it is the main color yellow, the reviewer gave soft reject for some padding, font, and color. I fixed it all but again 2-time soft rejected for color, I think he not like yellow color, after that I took some screenshot from Themeforest yellow color template and showed him and he approved.

Please help me with this matter, it is very disappointed me. I want to know this reason and want to upload it again. If not then I will lose my Enthusiasm for future making new template.


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You’d need to share our demo link

Dear Charlie,

Have you got my link? I have send you private massage.


I’m afraid we’ve stopped replying to private messages.

We were getting quite a lot, making it difficult to be fair to everyone; and we prefer all comments and feedback to be open and public.

Happy to look at any designs but the link would need to be shared publicly here.

I think no solution from Here

Hello Dear
would you find time to check the site?


Hi @charlie4282

I recently got the PSD rejection but not sure what are the reasons behind. Could you please confirm what can be the issues?