Why my landing page is hard rejected ?

Hi there,

I have submitted an APP landing page template over themeforest for sell, but unfortunately they hard rejected it, not sure why that’s why asking here, Can anyone please suggest what is the issue/bugs with my landing page, here is link : http://pixelspeaks.co/yappu/

My another landing page is approved and made some sale too… so i know the standard of themeforest and prepared second one for APP, but it’s hard rejected.

Please check my template and suggest me so i can improve my skills/level for the next submission.

Thanks in advance

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Your html is hard rejected because error colors, spacing (need 100px section top and bottom), etc you need more practice html for approved themeforest :slight_smile: regards.

HI JeriTeam
Thank You for your reply, but i don’t think template have any issue with spacing in top and bottom.
Please let me know if you have any other suggestion.

Thank You

No one is here who can help me ?

Bug: When scroll to bottom the DOWNLOAD NOW button changes color.
In “Drop us an line” section there are uneven top-bottom spacing.

Page looks good for me.

Color combination and font choices are not enough good!

HI PxISolutions
Thank You for your Reply !
Leave it! i don’t think that one is issue for HARD REJECTION, if we consider this one as issue then they will SOFT REJECT my page and suggest me to apply changes.

Awesome Design + Great Code = Approved.
Generic Design + Great Code = Soft-Rejection.
Awesome Design + Poor Code = Soft-Rejection.
Generic Design + Poor Code = Hard-Rejection.

See from this why your page got hard rejection? Also think about typography & colors how much important things for the design?

I don’t care! But I just tried to help you.

Thank You for you reply again…
Actually i have started on NEW ONE, that’s why said leave it…
I will keep in mind you suggestion.
Thank You Very Much PxlSolutions :slight_smile:

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