my theme keep being soft rejected on themeforest , don't know why ?


my theme keep being soft rejected on ThemeForest , don’t know why ?

first rejection i fixed all the problem then it keep being rejected saying due to visual and typography hierarchy and overused scroll animation , can anyone please tell me what to improve …

review my theme


It sounds like the reviewer is spot on. With all due respect…

  • typography is boring and mediocre

  • several portfolio thumbnails looks stretched

  • there are numerous spacing and margin issues and inconsistencies with each section

  • it needs way more features, attention to detail and functionality to compete in what is one of the most crowded category on Themeforest

More than anything it’s just not premium. There’s plenty of free sites online which resemble if not improve on this concept.


Here is my mini-review for your theme:

  1. Pay attention to spacing. Firstly when you open the site you will see this problem.

  2. Again, Spacing issues

  3. This was made with intention? No bottom spacing?

  4. The typo here is awful.make the list font-size smaller, lighter, add some opacity over it.

  5. Contact form fields spacing. Icons too big. Texts too big.

There are a lot of problems with your template. As a suggestion please open themes from themeforest and accommodate yourself with the quality accepted on latest items. You willnot get accepted with the item without improving the spacing, typography and colors.



thanks u for your quick replay i will correct all the spacing and typography problems , actually it’s my first theme so i expected that but can any one tell me what is wrong with the color palette and any suggestion , thank you again


Take a look at other themes and you will see what is wrong with your item.


also reduce your image quality it takes forever to load the page and in my point of view animation on the page are delayed. Menu background too lite in some point it get lost in page content.


I agree with everything said above. I could only add, that it hurts my eyes looking at the strictly white font on a dark background. This, plus the font make your thame harsh to look at, I would work on that too. Good luck :slight_smile: