Tell me how to sell my video?


Hello ,

I made this movie:

I’ve spent on it for 10 days.
Since it is not top category of motion graphics (such as “business” or “connection”) , the sales are not very high. Price set at $ 4 (?).

What shall I do to make a profit from this video? What do you think?



You create this video with any objetive or the buyers use the video like footage or composition no?


Some time passed and it is time to look at the statistics:

VideoHive : 31 sales ~ $41

Stock X: 17 sales ~ $277

Stock Y: 11sales ~ $192

As you can see, the principle of “less price - more sales” does not work.
The number of sales at other markets about the same, but earnings is much higher. There are very few high-quality stock video clips of similar subjects and buyers are willing to pay more , so why VH does not use this?

I like Videohive and AE projects are sold very well.

But I do not understand why a good footage (not “light leak” etc ) can not bring me profit here?

Maybe VH should evaluate such work differently? It would be a winning strategy for all.


The basic idea is that not all good clips can be sold thousands of times, but that does not mean they can not make money (if it is really good clips).


Hi Oleg,

Very nice video (well done) and intersting comparison with other stocks.
As I see stock footage is low priority here and pricing is bad. I don’t say prices are low but pricing scheme does not influenced by originality or possible market or anything also.
For instance any HD clip valued as $4. It mean that your nice original video (you spend 10 days) or anything usually (accepted) done withing 10 min have same price - $4.
Full HD clips are always $5 or $6.
Budles of few items cost more.

And most fun thing that 3K or 4K clips priced $25-30. The interesting point that price of 3K,4K does not influeced on originality or visible quality of items again.

And the last I thing Videohive does not promote footage section much.
It’s like side effect here starting with main page title “After Effects Projects, Motion Graphics, C4D Templates | VideoHive” and ending with difficulty to find Videohive by googling “Stock footage”.

Best Regards,


I think that by analogy with Targeted Projects some original videos should be called Targeted Clips and be assessed using a different method other than length .

I hope the staff will hear us. :expressionless: