Tax number update

Hello, I’m new to ThemeForest. I live in Turkey and I updated my tax number. But still 37.5% tax is being deducted. What is the reason of this?

My knowledge of English is not very good. I apologize for my mistakes.

Read through this page again:

And it might be that you missed something when you updated your tax number

Are you sure you mean “tax” or just different fees/deductions?

image 1

image 2

I updated the tax information as needed. But still showing 37.5% author fee. Are these something different? (image 1)
Thank you for your interest

The author fee is not the same as tax - this is a % Envato take as commission. It will reduce as you sell more.

So how will I be paying the tax fee.

This explains how the earning works

Abiding by the necessary rules/laws around tax is up to you as ti will be different for each author