Tax exile, can I leave my items as legacy to someone else?

Hello envato community!

I’m still getting the hang of these new forums, so forgive me if something is wrong. I haven’t used them for a while for the same rason… But straight to the topic:

Can I transfer all my items to someone else’s account?

After carefully reading all the new updates and requirements for authors implemented in January, I came to the conclusion that the only viable solution to avoid legal headaches is to quit envato altogether. I am a non-exclusive author that sells in a number of other websites, and it was great having my content sold here. I have good direct relationships with other non-exclusive authors that I know will comply to all the new requirements and will stay with envato. My question is: could I lend them all my items as a gift of good will so they can profit from it and pay their taxes off it? I would still sell them under my name in other sites, but here they would appear as authoring figures. They will also have to deal with the legal side of it. This way my video and audio will stay on the market for the clients to buy and I won’t have to monitor it anymore. Since I’m a small author, money is out of the equation. All I want to know is whether I can transfer all my items to someone else’s account, is that a possibility?

Thank you for your answers! I hope to be able to understand how to read them in this new forum. Big cheers to all my fellow envato people!

According to the general guidelines you cannot.

Indeed it’s probably not officially allowed. But if you did it privately in a way that Envato wouldn’t notice a difference on the account then that could be OK. Not sure what you would need to do, mainly I suppose change where the payouts are going.

If you wanted to go down that route then just change the payout details and give someone else the login details. There is no way to transfer items from one account to another unless in specific circumstances


Yeah, you can give people your items and remove them from the site… and they can do with them as they please. But you can’t sell or give away your account… or transfer items from one account to another.

Not exactly - if you remove them then a different author is not able to resubmit them under thier profile.

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Not exactly - if you remove them then a different author is physically able to resubmit them under their profile, but it’s against the rules to do so, so highly inadvisable.

that sad all the same when u think about it Martin, u can do something if u do not get cought, this is is really sad, after all that’s his works and why would he be able to do whatever he likes with it … not to mention that this place is basically not making any kind of favor to the people trying to always things much more complicated all the time and so on , until some authors cannot handle anymore … if they ever want to make sort of selections and believe that they have too many people , then they should better elect according to sales, levels , competency, these sorts of things rather than making some good authors fly away from here out of making difficult things for them …

then he should give it to a french guy lol (but not me lol i am not daring enough lol) because they make the rules and french people break them lol hahahah i am kidding lol

Thank you very much for your answers!

So I understand the same individual can own different accounts on envato filling them in with the same data? That could work, I guess. I’ll start asking around.

Thank you!

What do you mean by the ‘same data’?

You can have multiple accounts but files can only be submitted from one and cannot be transferred to another author acocunt (even if you own that one too) except in very special circumstances when envato allow it which is rare.

I mean the same user data: name, w8 form, billing address, etc.

From what I understood it is possible. Thank you! :smile: