Are we allowed to sell our ThemeForest account?

Are we allowed to sell our ThemeForest account?
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I saw how one person sold own portfolio with all works on some forum. It cost summary of 6 months account earnings

This is not allowed at all.

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Why not? There’s nothing wrong with that. You can sell it if it’s yours.
It’s not allowed if you post it here.

I know someone did once (the process had to involve Envato themselves) but I also know of several (big) authors wanting to do this and not being able to. Point 11 under “membership” - “your membership is not transferable”

Hence it’s not allowed.


I´m also interested in this Question! I came here to open a Thread with a Search for Item´s (or Accounts) to sell - not a single sale - whole right tranfer of item´s. So a whole Account is not transferable, but if i buy a item and (re)publish it on my own Account it can´t be a Problem or?

Not sure I understand why this is not permitted. If I open a business anywhere in the world, I am allowed to sell it whenever I choose to.

Once an item is removed then it’s gone for old and you won’t be able to resubmit it.

Items, accounts, downloads, etc are all non transferable

I imagine that it is something to do with who the agreement was with between envato and the author at the time of a buyer purchasing a license but only support would be able to answer this.

The thing is though (aside from it being in the terms) - you are not selling a/your business here, you are selling a part of envatos a platform that is effectively being leased to you (possibly not the right word but you get the point). I.e Unlike the actual items, the account is not really yours to sell.