Newbie questions.



I have 2 questions:

  1. I’m an exclusive author. So the item that have been placed on VH or AJ can’t be sold in any other places - that’s clear. But what if I have sold item earlier and later decided to sell it with Envato. Is that legal?

  2. If I want to work with the team. Can I ask my partners to create their Envato accounts, and share revenue with them automaticaly?

thx for answer.



Welcome to Envato ! :smile:

  1. If the items you are planning to sell on the Envato market are not anywhere on any other market or website then I think you will just be fine.

  2. No this is not possible you will need to share your incomes manually using you bank/PayPal etc.

Hope this will help you out.


Yeah, you can sell your stuff elsewhere before or after having it on Envato… just not at the same time. And you can’t re-upload stuff, so you can’t sell it here and then try it somewhere else for a bit before then uploading it again.