Synchronizing multiple woocommerce stores on different domains


I’ve been doing a search for this topic for the last two days, but can’t seem to find the right and definite answer. So this is my question.

My client want’s to have a main website with woocommerce store. He is also planning of creating a network of around 40 distributor websites on different domains who would sell his products. He want’s to show exact products on each of the distributor page as it is on the main website. More importantly, he wants to have all distributor pages synchronized with the main page. So when he adds, removes, modifies product on the main website, he wants all the distributor pages to synchronize data with the main website.
Each of the distributors page should have it’s own checkout, but the payment should be split into two parts on two different paypal accounts. The first part of let’s say 20% would be added to distributor paypal account as a commission for selling product, and the rest of 80% should be added to the paypal account of the main website owner.

Is everything above possible to achieve with woocommerce platform?

Money is not the object, I’m willing to purchase any plugin or service that would allow me to do exactly what I need.
I just have failed in finding any solution so far.
Please be so kind and share any insight or experience you might have on this matter. Or if you can recommend any plugin or service which I might use for this, I would most appreciate it. Thank you


What you’re gonna need are two things

  1. Database Synchronisation between the main site and dealer sites. WP API can be used for this + MySQL ODBC to communicate between the databases.
  2. Payapal API + WP API to split the payments.

It is certainly possible with custom PHP code, contact me from my profile page if you need some more details.


Thank you so much for your reply. Actually, what I’ve found in the meantime that it can be done using WooCommerce REST API, and for split payments to use paypal chained payments system.

I will do some testing with Woocommerce API, and if (when) I get stuck I will certainly send you a message! I just want to try figure it out my self first! Thank you once again!!

Hi did this get resolved? Sounds just like what I need. Is this plugin available?

Hello Guys,

I recently created this plugin using woocommerce REST API

This is a good solution for syncing products from one store(many stores) to one store.

We hope you can help confirm if our nonprofit eCom plans for a multiple website eCom network can be accommodated with the ‘standard’ WooCommerce multiple website creation network? My main concern is that I choose the wrong way to manage products / dbase now and have to do a bunch of work in the future to setup the products & data management correctly.

Here is the basic scenario.

  1. We will have a main ‘hub’ website where all products are sold. This would be ideally where the all products / dbase are managed.
  2. We will have multiple sub-sites pulling in only some specific products from the hub site. Each of these sites will have separate URLs.
  3. Would be nice to be able to use the same payments & shipping accounts on all website too as well as allow dropshipping functionality.

The first site with setup and info I have referenced is

I assume this is exactly what the WooCommerce multiple website network is for but wanting to confirm as I have read that this may take dbase setup & knowledge such as discussed on this forum including Database Synchronisation WP API + MySQL ODBC.

We are very much hoping to get by with WordPress + WooCommerce + Plugins vs any custom SQL type requirements.

Thank you for any guidance or input to help decide what tool or tools may be needed with WooCommerce to make this happen correctly for long-term growth.

Appreciate the time all!