Connect multiple APIs to PayPal/Woocommerce

Hi there,

I’m needing a plugin or developer to connect a Word Press site with Woocommerce to a publisher’s API for one product (and then to PayPal), then for another product type, connect to their API (also to PayPal).

Examples (I have 3 product types):
You order Product A, that order will be sent directly to the people that make that product. PayPal handles payment. (white label)

You order Product B, same thing happens, but goes to different people that make that product.PayPal handles payment.

You order Product C, that order gets sent to me, PayPal handles this one too.

The companies behind Products A and B have APIs to utilize, but I have no idea how to do that.

If anyone knows if anything similar to this exists, or would be able to quote me a price to do it, I would be grateful.
Thank you,

I’m pretty sure there’s no special plugin for these featured due to what you’re asking is a custom API feature.
It could be performed but the price wouldn’t be as low as you may be expecting as the price for the plugins.

You can contact me to discuss the price and delivery time if you’d prefer