Multi-vendor Marketplace


So, I’ve set up a site, I am able to create virtual stores and whatnot, but I need something else.

So, I’m using Listify and have woocommerce. What I’d really like is for the vendor to set up their store and enter their bank details so monies can go straight to them as opposed to us holding it. Is this possible?

Does Product Vendors allow this to happen? If not, any suggestions? I like the sound of Product Vendors as it allows you to set a commission. It would also need the ability to accept debit card payments.

Thanks in advance.


I think what you are asking for may be possible with Paypal adaptive. I am not sure if its possible with bank accounts, and not sure why you would want to use bank accounts. Stripe may be another option.

You’d be better off having this developed and thought out.

Aside form the technical considerations if you are charging a subscription/commission etc. to use the site you will need an extended license which costs quite a bit more and could be invested in a bespoke creation

Dear MichealBackline,

You use DOKAN woocommerce plugin, search it on codecanyone, it have multi vendor shop functionality.


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