Plugin to allow many sellers to sell (like ebay and Amazon and others)

I want to make a Wordpress website to allow other sellers to sell from.
Sellers should be able to create and list products - same as ebay and amazon and other platforms.

Is there anything available that gives me this functionality?


Search ‘Multi vendor’ which should do this


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JUST what I’m looking for :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing though…
I would like to have sellers take direct payments.
(And then I charge sellers a commission every month.)

The reason for this is if a buyer buys something for $1000 (just as an exaggerated example)… and then decided 11 months later that item is faulty and not worth the money - I don’t want to be stuck with having to give the refund and needing to fight a case with the buyer!


That would be a bit of a legal minefield.

If even legal at all, it would depend greatly on T&Cs and local consumer protection. All marketplaces like envato, eBay, amazon etc are a payment gateway (middleman) which makes them at least part liable.

In honesty I can’t imagine this would be possible because it would require a contract and agreement between each individual author/seller and each individual payment gateway (in contrast on ebay or here is just one agreement with the parent marketplace).

On top of this sellers in different locations would mean different taxation and fees, which would make accounting a compete nightmare.