WordPress multi-site

Hello, I am looking to make a WordPress multi-site for our company to create two websites which share some of the same page content across both sites and looking for advice on how this should be achieved.

I would like one wp-admin login which will make changes across both sites but I am concerned there may be limitations with this depending on how the domains are structured and where the sites are hosted.

  1. I would like to use two completely different domains. For example, hellocompany.com and byecompany.com – is this possible?

  2. Do both domains need to be hosted on the same web server?

  3. Once everything is setup, can we share page content across the two websites?

  4. We would like to use plugins which would share data across both sites – more specifically we would like to use the plugin WooCommerce Simple Auctions. This plugin changes the products listed via WooCommerce into auctions. If we created auctions via this plugin, can the same products and auction data be shared across the two websites?
    For example, a user bids on one website, and a user bids on another website, would the data be shared across the two if they are both displaying the same product on both websites?

  5. And finally, are there any limitations with using WordPress multi-site?

Thank you so much for any advice you can give, we’d like to make sure we are making the right steps in the planning stages of these two websites.

Hello, Is this forum active? Is there anyone that is able to help on the above please?

Depends on your budget, this can be done without any problem but there may be easier ways to perform these changes instead of using “Network” site. In case of paid support, you can contact me and we can discuss the details. I’d be happy to help you.