Swift transfer - when I can withdraw earnings?


I’m moving from paypal method to swift. Can you tell me when I can make transfer? I suppose I can make it only once per month? And do I have to wait until the end of month?

If you send request this month, you will get on 15. next month. Minimum order is $500.

Thanks for answer. But… in the link below they said it can take max 2-5 days

Once your payment has been processed (assuming that you have provided us the correct account details), you will generally receive the money in your bank account in approximately two business days.

It will be processed on 15th and after that will be 2-5 days. I have received the same day (15. June) and I had withdrawal 900$ and received 840$ on my bank account. This was my first payout.

Thank CocoBasic for help :slight_smile: Now it’s clear for me.

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Glad to help. I’m just saying my experiences.