Hi everyone !
How many days withdrawals money to get in my bank accout?
If I applied withdrawals and next business 5 days to get in my bank account /Paypal and Swift/
I understood in new rules, is it true? or old system’s per month 15th ?
then If I choose swift , Middle bank gets transaction fees 25$?

as far as I know we will get the money on 15

But you need to have at least 50$ no?

Yes , I know I have another account

Not sure where you read the 5 days part, as far as I’m aware it’s still… withdraw at any point during the month and get paid on the 15th of the next month. Maybe the 5 days bit you read was something along the lines of ‘please allow 5 days to receive your funds’. I.e. 5 days after the 15th.

Thank you!

hi, yes indeed, if u opt for the swift payment, you’ll have to pay a 25$-charge for the transaction indeed. Normally payments are made on 15 of the following month no matter what u choose as a payment and indeed threshold are depending on the kind option that select when u ask for a withdrawal