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I have been waiting for over 10 working days for my SWIFT bank transfer to arrive.

how much time does it usually take? My bank HSBC does not have an Intermediary Bank, so I just filled in the same details as the main bank. Not sure if that will be a problem?


Good question, i just filled swift withdraw by myself, never done it before. Hope people will reply.
10 days is crazy though…
P.S is your Swift account approved by envato? you can see it in withdraw page

not approved yet, still waiting.

Did you make a withdraw request in January and expected payment in 15th February? Or you did request in February? because there is a big difference on when they will send your money.

it was in the beginning of February and went out on the 15th. I was told that the payment has arrived and my bank is still making some security checks.

Strange. Any withdrawal requested in February shouldn’t be sent out until March.