Swift didn't go through, Envato takes his time and fix the problem the month after leaving me without salary.


I’m quite disappointed for what happened.

Here’s the rant: Last friday I noticed that my swift didn’t go through, the money got back on my online account and I haven’t received one single email from Envato informing me that there was this issue with the transfer.
I immediately opened a support ticket (696186) on the same day, from the financial they told me that for unknown reasons the swift didn’t go throught and that I had to update my bank details to make a new request at my earliest convenience.
My bank details are still the same as 2016, nothing changed and last year I received all the transfers without any problems and in time.
Anyway, I call the bank, they give another swift code, I make another withdrawal request and what Envato tells me today? That they can not make a test until 15th of February!!!
Is this a joke right? There’s a problem with my salary and you fix it the month after leaving me without money? But especially, if something goes wrong again in February then what, you fix it in March? Guys this is ridicolous…

Please someone tell me I’m just daydreaming because I can not believe that a multimillion company deals with this kind of issue in such an unprofessional way.




This is the way Envato pays. I do not think there is something you can do. I am a contributor to multiple sites, and this is actually common. There are sites that you can withdrow your money when you want, and there are sites like Envato that are paying everebody at the same date. Actually Shutterstock does the same.


I’m not trying to withdraw money whenever I want, i just want Envato to fix their problems in time so that I can get my salary. Simple as that! It’s not my fault, i havent done anything, Envato messed up a transfer and their reply was “oh sorry, swift didnt go through, we try again next month, thanks bye”. I don’t need their apologizes, i need my money! But especially, how do i know that i will receive my money next month if they mess it up again? Should i go to melbourne and pick it up myself?