Just to get yours services straight.

  1. I purchase a theme. ( I did and it’s installed to my site).

  2. You try to sell me extended support at the time of purchase which is + the price of my theme ($59). I evidently purchased it because you’re trying to sell it to me again. I don’t recall ever using the author of my theme for support extended or otherwise. Tech support that supports my entire site seems to be very qualified for all levels of support.

  3. You increased the price of the support to $41.13 and tell me I’ll save $11.75 off the regular support price? I’m confused. So the theme (with updates?) is $59 annually? Plus $41.13 if I buy extended support again now? And if I don’t buy extended support now, the support will be $52.88 + the annual price of theme if I want updates to the theme?

  4. Do I get updates to the theme if I don’t pay $59 annually or is the $59 a one time payment and I get life time updates?


The original $59 payment gives you lifetime access to item updates as/when they are released without the need to pay again.

This also includes 6 months initial support

The extended support (beyond initial 6 months) is discounted if purchased when buying the theme but can still be purchased later on without re-buying the theme also

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