$41.33 for support for 6 months. Are you kidding me?

Who els things $42.33 is a good price for support for 6 months?

And its limmited support also, not even really hard questions from what i saw from the video…
This is all about the money written over it,… And im very loyal costumer but pissed me off very highly.

I Think $15 is a better *approach.

Im really pissed off.

43$ is huge price for 6 months of support?

40-50$ is (usually) price for one hour for custom work (talking about WordPress customization).


The maker of the product is not costumizing your product for you.

We are not talking about working hours for deep costumize, just tips and tricks and that for Fkng 42 dollars???

I have the urge now to put my Illustrator files on Envato and just drop it unfriendly way so every person that purchese my files will need support and i will send them to the awesome page that says 42 dollars for support after they purchased files that cost 88 dollar. Yupti FkingDOO

WAIT this pisses me more, how is this possible.

So the person who is selling the products are making up the support prizes… WAUW… WAAAUUUUWW

Example image - not related to the real topic what im talking about.

Extended support 12 months $1.88

In price for 9$ the 6 months of support is already included.

And we can’t set the price for support (how much will support cost). Here you have more info how the price is created for support:

Is that $42 for support extension of 6 months?

What is the original item eg a WP theme? And cost?

All buyers get the initial 6 months included free (something which pretty much no other similar marketplace offers).

the original price is 77 or 80 between those prices. (if im correct)

So hold on a sec.

The price is included, so the owner is not setting the price for $77 … am i saying this correct?

O wauuuwwww… can u tell me who gets the 1.88? you or Envato?

It’s calculated based on a model set by envato (that considers the item price), however because (in some cases) authors can set their own item price, this will impact the final amount.

This will also be impacted depending on if the author is exclusive or non-exclusive

e.g. see support difference between…

V expensive theme https://themeforest.net/item/sanigo-modern-technology-wordpress-theme/19703554

V cheap theme https://themeforest.net/item/adriatic-responsive-multipurpose-theme/19504147

This is because of the difference in item costs

FYI - can you screenshot where you are seeing $41.33? An item which is for example $79 should have a support extension of $25.13

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Seems that there is different formula to calculate support pricing for expired support of any item. I have active license for Avada theme whose price is $60 but the envato is showing me this to renew the support for 6 months: http://prntscr.com/m0oihe

Exactly - one is a support extension and one is a support renewal https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/207886473-Extending-and-Renewing-Item-Support?_ga=2.103204736.1400464717.1540142543-1344323650.1518911900

Overal, the price is way to high…

For a couple of easy questions that the author know i have to pay that amount…

I mean how many times does someone generaly use support, it should be based on how much do you need help.

Thanks to all Commuity for providing you geat explanation and very helpful articles based on your query. just a little more try to explain from my side.
When the issue about support: We know each Item a 6 months support included. So, when a customer need any assist then customer can contact Item Author for support and within 6 months of purchased Author support is free. But if customer need support after 6 months then have to pay for extended support period. Extend Support period fee based on Item Original price mean if Item price is low then Extend Support period fee is low and if Item price is high then Extend Support period fee is high. As like if you want to hire a html/css developer then you will find freelancer at low hourly rate but if you want to hire a freelancer for a programming job/App Devloping job then you have to pay high hourly rate.
within your support period you don’t have any limitation how mnay times you can contact Author for support. You can get in touch with Item Author as many times you need. Also you have your own choice will you extend support or not.

About pricing you can check this Article:

This is going to vary from one customer to another. Just because you want to ask easy questions does not mean everybody will. Too many factors in play here so just pay up or look for something else within your budget.

It’s worth reiterating that no other marketplace like this offers any free support and the 6 months included for free with purchases here is a big plus. We recently helped someone as a favour because (arguably the biggest) other marketplace wanted to charge them $100 to change the logo to theirs!