Support price after support has expired to low! Why?

Uhm… i am stumped we got a client which support expired and they renewed it and a shock we only got $17.70 which is 30% of the themes price which should be if buying a theme with support. And as far as i know it should be 70% of the price. And we got some purchases which sold be 50% of the price and again it was 30% of it… soooo something ain’t working as it should and its costing us money!

I really hope someone will answer urgently and implement and solution also urgently since 6 month free period has expired for majority of the customers and we will go ballistic if this is not resolved at utmost urgent matter.

Now if i missed something a sincerely apologise!

Further on when i noticed this one of the themes that we purchased and support expired, we went on and checked the price and the price is $17.70 which again is wrong were is envatos cut? We do see the .5.something fee which i guess is… well were? My head hurts somebody messed up very very bad!

Check this forum Item Support Extensions and Renewals
and this email photo ->

I don’t like this situation but they doing a discount until 31 March.

What theeeee… cmone!!! Seriously? But still what about all the purchases that were made before, those should be charged at 50% rate and they weren’t!

Yes, it’s very low and hasn’t any relationship with value of spending time per one customer.

Not sure why you’re keeping illusions about logic of support policy. Economically that’s completely senseless for authors, and I’m not waiting any serious sales of support packages, but I’m happy do not see old customers who abusing free support while a long months\years and do not pay anything. However I’m glad to work with old customers who respect my time and ready to pay for that. Such filter is only one profit from the new support policy.