Support not Given Instead Hustled and Insulted

I bought and script 1 year ago till tomorrow. I am inventing my own app also a plug in but it will not o on here, Not after the service I have gotten and this one well everyone will want it if you have children. But since being a client the and loving everything about the script i bought, I have waited for ten months for a return and or refund of the money in the love script plug in the sell for it, The Arthur has been dead about 4 years now, The product should have been pulled them their were notes on the account. And many complaints but it was sold to me never worked one day cost me 50 used to find out a 19 dollar app plug in didn’t work and now over ten months and they still have no resolution. Now 2 am looking for a honest programmer that will write and app for me and i of course go to the scripts and people where i bought it it. No better place then the guy that write it to design and ad on, I get a responde from someone wanting me to whets app them and I am delighted i thought that it was the original designer , But instead it is a worker of the script one of his workers that wants to charge me 1800 usd before even showing me a reference one or proof her could do it . I said ok let me think about it. and i sent the conversations to the owner. What did I get? Your English sucks is the response so I just laughed my buttoff and said must be a brit, Sure born raised in the USA and Canada sure , It is i have bad hands and can typo long bad bad hands. I send him the proof of what his employee has done and nothing happens, Tonight i am getting ready to sign up for the extension on the scripts in hopes that the owner will answer and build this app for me SO i post support that i need help with the upgrades and the same clown that try’s to hustle me responds that updates and anything are not included in the dela good day and i reporting you for a bad review. SO now he is threating me also , Now number 3 yes it say in black and white they are included . But you know what is not included? me because between the disgruntle hosteling trying to steal from his own company employee Junaid raza and not getting one bit of help from support in one year after asking 5 times then getting rip off for the love script well I would be a damn fool to spend another dime. What sucks the most is Monday Morning I have to walk into a class and tell everyone of the 75 student I have not to by the damn Facebook chat for their scripts that they are buying because we are taking out business some where else… If evato cant stop and think that 10 months on a dead Arthurs script and the support lies clear as day on the forum and threatens a client that already posted the proof then why the hell would anyone stay. I enjoy a deal just as much as the next person but at least kiss me before you…,.,

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