One more refund story

So yesterday we got a refund request, in which customer was complaining that he bought our script by mistake.
So this customer said that he had bought it but could not integrate it on his website. We’ve asked him, why didn’t he make some kind of support request (since he has right to it for the next 6 months), and he said that he is an hobby programmer, and so we asked him, why to bother to come to a professional marketplace and buy a script, if he can’t use it?!
This customer said that we weren’t being professionals with our reply to he’s refund request, and we just kept thinking for ourselfes…
"Is this for real?!..

If you would really want to use it for real, you would go through the process of requesting us help and put the script to work.
This is not a money issue, if that’s what you are thinking. This is code scripting. This isn’t a resource that can be returned if clients don’t like it, or do not know how to use it.
We create a live preview of the script so users can test it, and also we create documentation explaining the product. If customer doesn’t know how to integrate it on their system, and doesn’t want support help, then it’s customer problem.
We offer our help, but you are not interested on that so we can’t give you reason on aproving a request refund.

What you guys think about this?

Best regards.

What you guys think about this?

You have successfully discouraged the customer from pursuing a refund but the argument was quite unnecessary and more than likely discouraged them from ever buying again, so a major loss to the rest of us.

Try to be less aggressive in the future.


It was just the replies unroll, so this wasn’t the first reply to customer.
We haven’t been rude to the customer. We’ve managed to offer our help to integrate the script into its website, and as he has right to the support, that would make some sense to be the first thing to do if the customer had been having issues with the script.
But the truth is that the script works fine, and as it isn’t a script problem and customer didn’t ask for help, and also the script was downloaded, we have our rights to deny any refund request due to these arguments… no?!

Why you’ve wrote all these words to him instead of writing something like:

Hello dear {customer name}, Unfortunately we can’t proceed your refund request as it’s not per refund policy. Sorry. But you can contact us so we can help you to integrate our script to you site. Don’t be shy :slight_smile:

Envato Market Refund Rules -


I would agree with you @EZCode . I had similar situations and where I said NO to the customers who requested a refund and I haven’t heard any complains about that and they haven’t even left a bad review or something. I guess that they just try and see what they can get away with…

I mean, I usually just approve the refund request but sometimes when they try to make you look like a fool, you need to respond.

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@kotofey that one, should be a nice reply, but how could we demonstrate our displease with these situations.

  1. Customer has problem to integrate the script in is own system, and doesn’t request support. The first thing he does is to request refund after one purchasing day.
  2. We offer our help, and still customer doesn’t want our help because he is just a programming enthusiast, and prefer not to bother author because there’s no point for that…although he didn’t make to put the script to work.
  3. Authors, like us and all of you, lose an huge ammount of time making nice live previews and easy documentations so that every customers can use your products… but no… “We are customers…and we can do whatever we like… because we are customers… and customers are always right…” :unamused:

We sell digital goods… We don’t sell a resource that can be returned if customer doesn’t like it… Although not even the refund policy aproves that.
And we find this really and insult to every author who gets these kind of refund requests… One thing is having a product full of errors, bugs, that causes that code to malfunction, or not even work… other thing is to have a full working script / product that fullfils the need for the customer who buys it, but as he doesn’t have that programing skills, he decides do get a refund… and as he got the code, and probably the refund, now he starts to understand how the script works, and makes it working on its website, and also got the refund, and probably this “customer” will apply that same script into a multiple number of websites… that’s really an insult for every author.

@loshMiS we need to be fair to every customers. That was why we’ve just specify all the points to that customer, and he needs to understand where we was wrong. What he did to us, might end up doing the same to any other author on this marketplace. We don’t win that much per script, but still we need to have this problems like we would be winning many money… :sob:

Sorry for this outburst, but these things really annoy us… :disappointed_relieved:

  1. See my reply example
  2. See my reply example
  3. See my reply example

You can’t be nice for all. It’s a business. Nothing personal. If his request can be refunded - refund him. If not - decline his request. IMHO.

UDP: almost forgot. Be positive with your clients. Always. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes @kotofey… I understand…but I get so annoyed with this kind of customer… OMG… :triumph:

See your PM.

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@EZCode seems like the buyer wants to refund his money and use your hard worked item for free.

This was happened to me before. Just Be positive and Be true :slight_smile:


What should we think… isn’t it @pharid?! :thinking:

We must sure that we are right or wrong. If we think we are right then we must act with them. We didn’t worked hard whole day and night to provide free service to world. We worked hard because we believe in hard work to earn some money and makes our family proud of having us. :slight_smile:

@EZCode :blush:

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