Suggestion... or maybe I'm doing this wrong?

Hello everyone. I subscribe to Envato Elements and usually find some Premiere templates that I can modify for things. They seem to include music in the example video, which looks like it’s mostly from Audio Jungle.

Unless I’m doing this wrong, there seems to be a really silly thing going on with Elements. I download the video and find there is no included music. It then becomes apparent you have to purchase it. I get ready to do this and bam! There is no mention of what song or artist this is! I got one resolved by finding the author and messaging them which they kindly responded the the email with an Audiojungle link.

Is it common to track down and individually message every download author to have them email you back the name of the song or where to find it? If that’s the case… what would it take to make a suggestion to include a basic audio file link in the download folder, like they do for fonts?

It seems like such a basic thing that is missed that I’m thinking I’m just doing something wrong :stuck_out_tongue: