Video template download w. music

Now when I subscribed to this website, i understood that i was able to download all videos with their music. now u r telling me that i have to pay for the music in the video template that ii downloaded. This is theft and fraud.

Hello @fadih5

The video templates or the stock videos from Elements do not come with music. Authors use the music sample from AudioJungle to emphasize the visual effects but that is not included in the downloadable file because it is not theirs and they do not have the rights to redistribute the audio files.

You can take a look on Envato Elements and choose from the available audio files you find there. Some tracks from AudioJungle are also available on Envato Elements but not all of them (you’ll need to download them separately but there is no additional cost for you if you get them from Elements).

If you really need a specific music track that is not available on Elements than you’ll need to purchase it individually from AudioJungle.

This happens because AudioJungle (as well as VideoHive, ThemeForest, Graphic River etc) are separate markets that require individual purchases while Envato Elements works on a subscription based model.

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