Suggestion on theme to buy

I am starting over with my website and I am thinking of using a WordPress theme instead of building it from scratch like I did last time. However, after looking at a bunch of themes I don’t know which one to use? My company is a video and music production company. I make videos and stock music. My goal is to show off both my videos and some of my music. I am not looking to sell anything on the site. The site will just act as a portfolio that allows me to show my videos and music. Is there a theme that can accommodate both or maybe a plugin that allows me to insert a music player or players?

Keep in my mind that this is my first go at a WordPress site, I am not an expert by any means!

If you are just starting with the WordPress, then I would advise you to first try some free themes from the official WordPress repository before you buy a premium one. It is really a good idea to gain some experience with WP before making such investment.

When you decide to get something premium, then make sure the theme is periodically updated (you will see the last update date in the right panel on item page), works with the latest WordPress version, has good ratings and also check its comments section if the author is active there and if you like how he communicates with his customers.
The main value of a premium theme is in updates and support. Abandoned theme which is no longer being updated for latest WP version is worthless - unless you are a WP dev and can fix any potential issues yourself.

Also, take any recommendations you get here on the forums with a grain of salt. You can never know if the person recommending you a theme is genuine or just affiliated with the author of that theme. That’s why it is so important to first get to know the WordPress a bit so you will be able to choose the right theme yourself.


In order to really answer your question, it would be useful to see what kind of website you currently have at the moment. LSVRthemes has given you some great advice, and if you have achieved a website on your own accord (albeit not using wordpress - which I don’t personally like wordpress anyway) then why not consider using an HTML theme to accomplish what you would like to do online?

Also bear in mind that some web hosting companies do not always allow hosting of music/video files and in that case I would use YouTube for video embeds.

I would be embedding videos via Vimeo and I could embed SoundCloud, but I am unsure if I need a WP plugin for that. Really, I just need a template that could accommodate those embeds easily in which the design looks in the line of a video production/music portfolio site.

Search this term: “” and you have 230 plus choices to look at.

Or “” if you are looking at HTML themes.

Hello @songweaver

Frist question is who will build your site? You or some professional? You can make site with any template if you know what are you doing. Content like video or audio you need to put on some outside service because of speed of site.
You have tons of free and premium plugins for Vimeo or soundcloud.
If you want I can give you my quote for building site? That will save your time any money.

You can check this

Audio video player you can use any wp plugin.
We use elementor so you can add easily.


Anyone else?