Need help picking a WP theme

I have a friend who has several brick and mortar stores. He wants a web site but doesnt want to sell things from it. He does however want to let people know how much items cost, what colors they are available in and which of his retail stores these items can be purchased from. I am completely in the dark as to what would best suit his needs here. If anyone can help point me in the right direction that would be great. Ill be helping him by building his site for him but my WP experience is novice at best and I have very little HTML experience.

look first photograph themes in category search and what u will use theme wordpress ? … there are also some cool plugins there can do the job… better than the themes and also some of those plugins include with the themes.
i feel u man its took me last time 3 days to find theme sweet me, its very big market and each theme looks better than other.