Does it matter which theme I buy in terms of functionality?

Hi guys,

Completely new to the scene here but after googling I found that most people suggest a wordpress theme (with a ‘virtual designer’?) as these require the least knowledge and work apparently.

I am looking to create a relatively simple site for 5-6 services I want to offer people. They would appear as something like this site has:
Just 6 tiles but when you hover over them you would get a brief explanation.
Then when clicking on one it would add the service directly to the cart which pops-up at the top without changing pages, like these guys have:

Is something like this doable with every theme or do I need a specific theme with this functionality built in?

Hoping for your guidance, I am truly lost in this big forest.

Kind regards,


No, not all themes do this, but all themes can do it after adjusted by a developer. Look for the design that is closest to what you want, in a category that is closest to the type of service you offer.

Don’t forget to search only in WordPress category, if you buy a HTML template, you cannot install it to WordPress and you probably won’t get your money back. WP themes start at $39.

Also, you should choose a theme that has a e-commerce plugin supported, since you want a cart. Usually it’s WooCommerce (the most popular e-commerce plugin for WP). You can spot this in the “Compatible With:” columm. These themes start at $59.

After you buy your theme, you might get a developer to help you with it, so that it’s suits perfectly for you. Search at

Hi Pet,

I can make such site that is not a problem .
You can contact me and we can talk.