Suggestion for improving Envato receipts

Just a suggestion for Envato … I purchase audio frequently at my day job, and the receipts you get as a customer could be a lot better. First of all, if you buy 3 tracks at once (pretty common for me), you get seven receipts. Only one of them has all the charges on it, and that one doesn’t itemize what you purchased, it just says you spent money at Envato market. I’m not printing out 7 pieces of paper. So when I hand off the main receipt to the office manager to give to our accountant, they have no idea what I actually spent the money on. they can reconcile it with my company credit card, but it isn’t itemized. So they will email me to ask. I tell them it is audio tracks, but I can’t give them any details because I buy tracks often enough that I don’t know what it is that i bought on a particular date. I’m sure there is a solution with a little more effort on my end, but I’m a customer, make it easy form me. It’s definitely not going to stop me or anyone from purchasing, but its one of those things that Envato might not realize internally.

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