TIP from 1000+ bought items Customer

Hey, authers! I’ve spent about 16.000-20.000$ on Envato market for about 1200-1500 items on my accounts.

First of all i want to thank all the the authers for the amazing job they do!

There is a thing i want to point that definitly can be improved in some items (videohive).

When i’m checking items’ preview from the search list - i want to see the item itself. Not long description of it via text, not auther’s logo for several seconds… just an item -preview of the project itself.

Please understand me right, from the search you see 60 pages each with 30 items, a total of 1800 items. I cant afford to spend more than few seconds on each identifying the ones i currently need. For you information: very often i check all pages.

If an item has 10 seconds intro that has no connection to project- most likely i will just pass watching it and switch to check another item.

Please respect the time of the customer and include no unnecesery video/info at start of the preview, you can do it as titles overlay or at the end of preview, thanks

Again thanks to all the authers for the work and the attention.

ps: I’m an auther from another account aswell, and spending all income to buy Envato items, coz i work a lot and cant do everything by myself:D


This is awesome advice. VideoHive authors take note!


Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information. I’m sure it can be applied to AudioJungle as well.

Congratulations on 1000+ purchases! That’s an incredible feat. Thanks for supporting the market.

Thanks for your great advice I did it lot of times but it is only purpuse of highlighting the template feautures. But as you said i may be missing lots of sales. I will take this note.
I appreciate buyers sharing their experiences with us. So we can improve ourselves.
Thanks for your advice

one question from an audiojungle author: how often do you look / purchase the music related to the videohive project you bought? @mastergoo

I never sent - upload a project with - Hi
I’m something and then customer must wait for Final something :slight_smile:

I do buy related music pretty often. I’d say about half of my bought music is found from the links of vh projects.

ps: this is not the only account i use to buy on Envato.

thanks for the sharing the info mastergoo !
question : do you rate the items you buy ?

I used to set stars long ago, but after a change that pop up window of rating it takes too much time and effort to rate (esp if u buy a lot). I do rate, but not very often.

alright thanks for the clarification.
Envato Community team take note :smile:

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Yeah, I think a one or two second intro, if they must… is ok. Anything longer and it’s just annoying!

This is a great tip, time is the most valuable treasure nowadays.
I also buy many projects for the company I work and most of the times I have very limited time to choose the best project for a job.