HELP: need Envato invoices for deposits instead of receipts

Apparently there isn’t any way of contacting Envato administration dept, or at least I could not find it anywhere. So I guess I need to head to this “Customer Hangout” forum to actually request account support.

My administration department demands invoices for the deposits I’ve made, instead of the “receipts”. Receipts are not legally valid (in my country).

Sure, I can get invoices for individual items I’ve downloaded, but that’s not the amount that is shown on my credit card receipt. If I make a $200 deposit, I need an invoice for the $200 that was charged from my credit card.

Any way of being able to actually get this invoice, please?

It’s not possible. You can only get the invoice for the items that you have purchased.

Next time, don’t use deposit, just purchase the item one by one by your credit card and you will get the invoice as the same amount of the spendings.

Ok thx for the reply.

But wasn’t there a higher fee if you buy items directly? I think there used to be, several years ago, but perhaps they’ve changed it since then.

Your suggestion is a good alternative, but does mean a hell of a lot more individual invoices instead of a grouped one. Rather confusing that it’s not possible to get an invoice from a company that charged my credit card. The money is paid already …