Suggestion: Compatible with selections

If staff reads this, please consider modifying “Compatible with” to exclude selections.

For example: NOT compatible with Visual Composer.

Happy Holidays!

It’s not staff’s responsibility but authors. On the other way, it can be added or removed by the author.
In case of any issue, contact the author and request an item details update

Please read question.

I want to be able to search for WordPress themes that do not use Visual Composer.

There’s no question, only statement but you should have been more clear.

Anyway, some/most of the themes comes with VC but it’s optional to use it. If you don’t like it, you could just remove the plug-in

Thank you. I don’t want to use Visual Composer.

I thought a theme that is compatible with Visual Composer required it. Because Visual Composer is not compatible with anything.

I’m sure you’ve used or written a theme that displays a message to install plugins.

I have one or two themes that uses “TGM” plug-in that asks you to install the plugins but mostly you can ignore (dismiss) the message

I’m creating mostly themes with minimal design but to be honest,I don’t like to use it as well. I got your point :wink: