Finding WP themes that don't use Visual COmposer

Hi all, I couldn’t find a better place to post this question… so here is as good as ever I guess.

I would like to find WP themes that DO NOT make use of Visual Composer. Is there anyway to filter results like this on ThmeForest?

Many thanks in advance.

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Good question.

No I don’t think it’s possible.

A list of Visual Composer compatible themes is here:

Keep in mind that a theme can be compatible with Visual Composer but not “require” it. If the theme demo has a bunch of fancy boxes/columns/rows/parallax/full-width/animated stuff in the page content then there’s a good chance you wont be able to achieve that look without using Visual Composer.

You can disable Visual Composer and still use the theme in a lot of cases, you just wont be able to achieve the same look & feel of the inner content as seen in the live demo.

If the theme demo has mostly plain content without parallax rows then there’s a good chance you do not need Visual Composer to achieve that look.

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Ping @jessng is there a hidden ‘not-compatible-with’ search feature so we can find items that do not match a particular attribute? (e.g. negative Visual Composer).


Ones using visual composer probably have it as a tag so if you list themes in list view rather then thumb view then do a page search for visual composer in chrome it will highlight all the terms so you’ll quickly see which ones on the page haven’t tagged VC.

Hey @dtbaker! Interesting question, we have yet to add the capability to ‘exclude’ in the search feature. It’s been suggested before, so it’ll be good to collect some use cases and find out why people would like to exclude a certain attribute or plugin. Will definitely keep this one in mind :slight_smile:


My theme doesn’t have VC, but is not approved yet

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It would be very useful. I know some folk may like VC but I find it slows my development time down for a client and makes it harder for the client to understand how to use the site.

I know some of the VC sites look nice too, but they are all now starting to look samey using repeated design tricks.

VC also breaks a site far too easily.

My theme Pixo doesn’t use VC nor will any other future themes. We found that in one way or another it was generating a lot of support tickets.

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+1 for this feature, Visual Composer is the worst thing to happen to Wordpress themes.

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My theme is approved and it doesn’t use visual composer (theme includes events plugin )

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