Request: Make it easier to find themes without WP Bakery / Visual Composer

A lot of themes have beautifully crafted pages designed with WP Bakery. There are some types of websites where having the page builder included is a bonus. However, on several projects, I have wished for a theme that looks great without needing an elaborate page builder.

I’d like to use more such themes, but they are very difficult to find. There is an option to find all the themes that use Visual Composer, which is most of them. There is an option to find themes that support Gutenberg, but many themes that have a page builder also support Gutenberg.

In some search engines, you can use a minus sign before a term to exclude it. This doesn’t seem to work with Elements.

Any tips on how to find the themes that don’t need a visual composer?


You can check my themes (they are minimal themes) and I don’t use visual composer -

And I must say - yes, there are customers which are looking for themes without visual composer (probably a lot of them). I had offer from one customer to “transform” their existing site which is using visual composer to use just shortcodes/custom templates for creating content - to get rid of visual composer. So, maybe it will be nice to have such “feature” (no visual composer).

Thanks CocoBasic, I appreciate the link and I think I’d like to use Meelo on an upcoming project.

I’d love to see more themes that are designed to embrace Guttenberg and are beautiful without the need of a page builder. Hopefully more creators will follow.

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wpbakery is creeping around in WP themes like cancer.
What happened to ACF? I think its a much cleaner way too implement functions in a theme.

Also editing content in wpbakery takes forever and the biggest issue of them all: the included wpbakery licenses run out and its a major security issue.

I need a way to filter themes without visual composers