Integrate Visual Composer in theme

Hi! After read WordPress submission requirements, I dude about how to integrate visual composer.

Up to now, I have integrate other plugins (Redux Framework and Custom metaboxes), simply adding a directory in my theme with the name of the plugin and call the plugin class from functions.php. And the themes have been approved. But now I read that all plugins must be includes via TGM plugin. And on visual composer documentation they recommended this way too.

But, I don`t want that users have to upload or activate the plugin when install the theme, basically because the theme need the plugin to works.

So, my question is, can I add Visual Composer to my theme by simply creating a directory and calling the class on functions.php? Or I have to use TGM class?

Use TGM class , I’ve been doing this with numerous plugins since this time last year and I have never had a buyer complain about a few extra clicks on first install :slight_smile:

With TGM you can bundle the plugin into the theme e.g. theme-name/plugins/

TGM includes options to bundle plugins into the theme or from the WP directory

Please use TGM as it’s much safer and it’s less hassle for users if they don’t want to use the plugin with your theme e.g. woocommerce

First I think it is not good practice theme to be too much dependable on any plugin, there always should be alternative way for theme to work.
+1 for TGM.
In TGM there is option to choose between “recommended” and “required” plugins for import so you can set important plugins as “required” plugins for import.

Thanks! I will use TGM! One more question. It will be better to add Redux this way too? My themes are actually approved on ThemeForest I am not using TGM, but I supposu that it will be a better practice, yes?

All plugins should be enabled in TGM. Vis. Com. is a plugin, that means you need TGM.