Visual Composer integration - Best Practice


Hi guys,
I would like to ask if some of the WordPress theme developers could point me what would the best practice be for integrating Visual composer in themes.
I understand how to integrate plugin into theme (TGM activation) but I would like to know what is your approach on styling visual composer elements or adding new ones.


Hello websensei,
To add new ones use the vc_map function on your own shortcodes

To give different style to the predefined ones, you can copy the vc_templates plugin folder to your theme, this will overwrite the default templates

To add new params to existing elements you can use vc_add_param

You can check all this information here:

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for replay.

I would like to know how to extend basic features of visual composer. For example some themes have parallax sections, full width rows, background video options and other things that are not part of the basic plugin.

What is the best way to make this extended features or do I need to use visual composer add-ons. If that’s a case which one do you recommend?