How to create a theme for Visual Composer?

Hello. I would really like to join the community of authors, but I understand that a theme that does not have a visual editor is doomed to failure.

Now I have a Wordpress website (fully ready and with certain pages, html.css.js) and would like this theme to work with Visual Composer.

Most likely I need to divide the site into sections and from these sections to form templates for Visual Composer. But how to do this? The official documentation leaves a lot of questions, could you tell me some resources and articles, in which step by step, the theme, elements and templates for this theme are consistently created that will work with Visual composer? Or tell me from your own knowledge and experience - how to do this?

Do I understand correctly how the theme is created?

0 - creating a design
1 - creating layout
2 - converting for WP
3 - Selection the framework and create options for the topic.
4 - Selection a visual editor and create templates for the selected visual editor (but how to do it?)
5 - Demo Import and the creation of demonstrations.

I understand correctly?