Theme Check issues



Hello guys,

I’m developing a new WordPress theme which uses Visual Composer. I’m adding some shortcodes to VC to extend it’s functionality. As you may know, the Theme Check plugin warns about add_shortcode();

The theme uses the add_shortcode() function. Custom post-content shortcodes are plugin-territory functionality.

How can I solve this? I know that I need to add the shortcodes as a plugin but how can I use Visual Composer’s functions in my plugin like vc_map() ?

Thanks in advance!


Create a plugin which extends VC functionality.


Your best bet is to create a plugin to contain things such as this. My latest theme has a plugin which handles all the items you would struggle to get through the review team (redux extensions, shortcodes etc).

If you go this route, implement TGM Plugin Activation in your theme and set the plugin as a required plugin, you can serve it from your own domain. From what I can tell most theme authors go this route as it has various benefits.


move this function to your plugin function. I had the same, so I moved that particular function to my plugin functions area… and it solved the issue…


I seperated shortcodes from VC and included them into my plugin. Thank you again @kotofey @BornThemes @Clixint :slight_smile:

Just a few steps left. :slight_smile: