Submitted theme gone from dashboard!?

Hi guys,

We submitted a wordpress theme for themeforest 2 weeks ago. It was in the review queue for over 14 days, and all of a sudden when we checked the author dashboard today, it’s gone.

Any idea why?

You may deleted this item by mistake. If not try to contact with support team. feeling sorry for you

It may have been soft rejected - check the hidden items tab. But you should have received an email. Hope it turns up soon :slight_smile:

Thanks @themebeer and @stardiva . No, the theme isn’t hidden, nor anywhere else actually. It’s such a mysterious disappearance. I already contacted support. Wonder if this has happened to anyone else; the ultimate result would be the review getting delayed further by 14 days - which if happens - sucks :frowning: . Keeping my fingers crossed for a favourable response from Envato.