ThemeForest Upload Disappeared



I uploaded a new WordPress theme on September 9, 2015 (eighteen days ago). My author dashboard said it was in the queue for about a week, then the status message disappeared. I submitted a ticket several days ago to get support, but still no response.

I know I didn’t delete the theme that I uploaded. So where did it go? It’s not under the Hidden Items tab either. Shouldn’t there be a message in the dashboard that says it’s still in the queue, or that it’s being reviewed?

I’m beyond shocked at this process in place.


I’ve no idea, but maybe hard-rejected and the email is not yet arrived as it is not under the Hidden Items tab?


I checked my email server online (where everything ever received is stored) and there is no email regarding this theme.


hi, i guess that either a technical problem occurred or u missed to see a message that u received , despite u have been checking, in any case, this maybe better for you to wait for the answer of the help center , but the fact of the matter is that sometimes it takes some time and thus u have to be patient


All I know to do is upload it again since I never received any response to the initial upload and nothing ever went into my Junk mail folder either.


I don’t think that submitting it again is a good idea because in most cases your submission was hard rejected and it can’t be submitted again,
However, if you’re still going to submit it again, I think you should tell the reviewer that you didn’t receive anything about your previous submission and the support team didn’t respond.
Good luck!


Good idea. Thanks!