Envato deleted our theme

after working very hard for 7 months to submit the theme,
after waiting 30 days for review and soft rejected and resubmition in 15 days,
Envato deleted our theme without giving us any chance to modify !!!
any chance to make changes !!!
it’s really disappointment !!!
we will give up !!

what can we do ???
make changes and resubmit the theme and waiting 2 months for reviewing !!!

theme link : http://legend.rgtheme.com

it’s really disappointment !!!

Please don’t be disappointed, contact Envato and find our the reason, it must be Soft Rejected for some reasons. You should contact them and find out the reason. If it is deleted then you need guideline from some expert. Be patient, it happens in Envato but they do it to follow their rules.

thank you bro for the reply, please look at this :
Thanks for your submission.

After completing our review, we’ve determined that ‘LEGEND - Responsive WooCommerce Theme’ isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process on ThemeForest. As the submission is too far off the standards we require, you’ll be unable to re-submit on this occasion.

plz help :frowning:

So they haven’t “deleted it”, they have just rejected it right?

I understand your frustration but It was not actually approved previously and then removed from sale?

Your best option is to share a link here to get feedback


@charlie4282 thank you bro for your reply,
this rejection means that we have to add changes and resubmit the theme
and wait 45 days or 2 months to get reviewed :frowning:
why didn’t they rejected it instead of removed it ???

hi ya i’m dealing with the same issue i wish they would explain a little more on why it didnt meet their standards instead of a standard response. best of luck to you!

Without seeing the file I can’t comment

They have to have a threshold where if (for whatever reason) the reviewer feels that the submission does not meet this, then they reject it.

This is especially important if they feel that there is to much to be altered which is likely to mean that things may be missed first time around (as you saw given you already as you tried to make edits and it is still rejected). This is necessary to avoid even longer review times, back logs etc.

The best view is to take it as a learning experience - reviewers do the job for a reason and in 95% of cases if they tell ANY author to keep working on a file, they are right and will long term help you sell more.

thank you so much @charlie4282,
but all the bugs was fixed,
and i don’t think that our theme is too bad and it needs several changes :frowning:

we don’t have so excellent experience but the theme is not too bad :frowning:

first soft rejection was about some bugs and we were fixed all.

Sad News. I wish Envato Team will solve this problem.

I think you should improve the design and code quality of the theme and resubmit it. Don’t be disappointed at all, this is quite normal in Themeforest. I give you some steps to cover it up,

Find out the Design Weaknesses and Fix it
Then Improve the WordPress according to the new changes.
That is it and resubmit. It will be improved.

Hard Rejection are a way forward to learn to be the best Author here. So be brave man and don’t bow out.

Must say that your design is very bad. You should improve the typography, product images, banner…

Right now I can only test on ipad (landscape) and there are couple of stuff:

  • inertia scroll is missing
  • last few section looks just… Bad
  • carousels block scrolls
  • carousels works bad on swiping.

Besides that, the layout is… Dull?

you still need some improvements on the design and typography
do it and resubmit again,
we are waiting to see you in the themes list :wink:
good luck

You can always sell your theme on your own web site. I can help you with that. If I were you I would start selling this right away while still working on improvements to reach Envato standards. You can eventually get your theme listed on Envato but that could take few more months.