Strange review team behavior. Your opinion?

Hi dear community,

Today I want to share my recent experience with Envato review team.


My WP theme was approved on 4 February 17 and then on 23 February 17 update with little bug fixes and improvements was also approved. So far so good :slight_smile:
Last week after fast research I decided to change the name of the item from “Vesteo Business Multi-Purpose” to “Vesteo WordPress Business Multi-Purpose”. A day later I received a rejection with the recommendation for … layout changes?

I always love to receive feedback about my items and recommendations how to improve them, but in this situation, it’s little strange to me. The theme was approved before 1 month. Last WP updates are not affecting my layout. My item is not suspended, it’s available to buy. Why my attempt for name change was rejected with layout reason? Any comments from the crew?


My last item is an HTML child template. (LINK HERE). I admit, my initial upload was wrong. I forgot to remove JS console log. Obviously, I received a soft rejection. I’m not an idiot, immediately after rejection I personally removed the log and after few more improvements, I tried again to submit my item. I received 3 more rejects with reason “Please remove extra console.log:” I double and triple and … N checked what I submitted and yes, log was removed immediately after the first reject. It’s not a big deal, only 2 weeks delay because of this non-existing problem.

Did you face similar problems? Any suggestions how to avoid such problems in the future?

I wonder if this behavior is deliberate, if not how we as a community can improve the quality of reviews?

Best Regards,
Entro Team

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