Need Help with Vanished Themeforest Submission and Theme review

Hi everyone,

I recently submitted my theme to themeforest, but I noticed that it has vanished from the review queue after 5 days. I assume it may have been hard rejected since I couldn’t find any trace of it in the “Hidden items” section or anywhere else. If anyone has experienced a similar situation or has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate your insights.

This is my first time uploading a theme, and I must admit that I overlooked the email settings and left them at their default options. Consequently, the notifications for the review process were unchecked by default. Thankfully, I came across some helpful advice from fellow authors in this forum, and I have now enabled the notifications.

However, I’m wondering if there is any way to access the reviewers’ comments or any log that would provide insight into what happened with my upload. It would be extremely valuable to understand the reasons for its disappearance from the review queue.

On a separate note, I would like to take this opportunity to kindly request esteemed authors in this forum to provide their valuable reviews for my starter theme: Arunir - 'Coming Soon' HTML5 Bootstrap 5 Template. I would be immensely grateful for your constructive feedback, suggestions, and any improvements you might recommend.

Thank you all for your time and assistance. I truly appreciate the supportive community here and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards

If it’s not on the hidden items, you would get the basic copy/paste rejection message.
Apart from that, according to your demo, you are ( your design ) not offering anything new to the marketplace and there’re better items those have been designed better than yours.

Thank you for your response ki-themes. I appreciate your feedback regarding the design of my theme. I understand that there are already well-designed items in the marketplace, and I will take your comments into consideration for future improvements.
I didn’t get any message though, probably it may be because of the Email settings mentioned earlier. Just wondering if there any way to see reviewer’s comments/response on site?

On a related note, I wanted to mention that I have experience in ReactJS, Gatsby, and WordPress, Photoshop and InkScape illustrations. Do you see any scope in these categories to create more unique and valuable themes/items or it too is saturated like the HTML templates, I would greatly appreciate your insights. Your advice and expertise can help me further enhance my offerings and provide better solutions for potential buyers.

Thank you once again for your feedback. I value your input and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

It’s not possible for hard-rejected items, again, it’d be standard copy/paste rejection message with no details.

Coding is part of the job, you’d have to have some good skills on design along with a good/unique idea.

Thank you so much, ki-themes. Your guidance is greatly helpful, and I sincerely appreciate it.