Submitted Item was rejected. Looking for feedback

Hi there!
I’m HarpyAnn, a person who loves to draw different creatures (and more) for fun and decided to use some of the works as possible earning.
A while ago my Item (Cheerful Cat, preview image below) was rejected.
I’m new to Envato and still need to learn a lot about its standards and rules, so can you lend me a hand, please? Any ideas about specific reasons why this sunny cat was rejected?
I already have some on my mind, but I want to get a second opinion.

Thank you in advance)

Hi HarpyAnn,

I think the reason for the rejection was the color scheme. It seems to me that the silhouette of the animal itself is very interesting, but I am tormented by the colors. I think it might be because the colors are too bland and don’t have much contrast.

Maybe try to change the color scheme. Use different colors, a different combination? Maybe you go more towards yellow, orange and brown, something more towards ecru?

I think that some elements of the animal’s legs would need to be refined.

This is just my suggestion on what I pointed out!

Hmm, changing the color scheme is a good idea
Thanks for your advice!)

I think it’s worth changing. You may need to be guided by more natural colors for this animal.

If the project is approved, I suggest you experiment with colors and for one animal you can make several or a dozen color combinations.

I think that if you offer more color solutions, it may attract the attention of customers who are interested in this topic, which will also affect the sale of the item.

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Let me know how it went and if the acceptance was successfully received.

First of all you need to study the cat anatomy. After this you need to create perfect shapes that catch the essential movement. All the shapes needs to be perfect. Do not use gradients. If you want to create shadows then do all the shadows not just few of them. Shadows need to be natural in order to add value to the drawing.

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Good point
Thanks for the reply!