Strange times for me in AJ after 5-6 years


2 months ago, I had no payout!
Last month was like $80, ok maybe that’s close to normal.
This month still nothing, and I had like 2-3 weeks with no sale.
I didn’t have worse times, only in the very beginning!
I don’t upload often lately and maybe thats it?
What do you think guys, what is happening in AJ?

Are the prices of $19 too high in comparison with Elements I guess?
What should we do?


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all on our own I guess!

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same here, with the only difference that I’m in AJ since 2013! :cry:

the whole stock music market is collapsing! there are so much tracks, so much sites, so low prices that it’s becoming impossible to stand out

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As I understand you.

But I also think that such a big difference in profit (between months) is also due to the small number of sales.

Let’s say you had no sales for a whole month, and then in another month a couple of tracks were sold and after that a couple of tracks were sold within a week.

From my experience, I noticed as soon as sales start, they attract new sales (perhaps this is due to search algorithms)

Good Luck!


Same here. Was doing pretty well from 2010 to 2016, where 2016 was my absolute best year. Then in 2017 I had my first major downfall, almost as bad as this year. 2018 and 2019 were rising years, although far from being as good as earlier years. Then 2020 happened. I’m not even at 50% of what I used to sell. More like 20-30%. It’s horrible.

Yes, definitely there is something in the underground that says that if you got sales, you will have more sales.
but for me it worked until a “cap” and a threshold. i reached a peak of sales and then they steadily decreased, on average…